After having requested information and read over our materials, you are now eligible to begin the application process!

Please complete the application and send it with the other required documents, including the $50.00 fee.

Mail to: Academy of the Holy Family 54 West Main St. Baltic, CT 06330-0691
Or send by email to:

An application must be on file in order for a student to be considered for enrollment. Placement testing for mathematics will be completed at the beginning of the school year. All students who are accepted into the Academy and wish to enroll will be required to sign a letter of intention and place a non-refundable deposit of $1000 in order to assure their place in the Academy.


  • Completed Application
  • Release of Records form completed, including recommendations from Principal/Guidance Counselor or Homeroom Teacher, English Teacher, and Math Teacher
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Signed acknowledgement for AHF Student Handbook
  • $50 Application Fee
  • Student Interview
  • Health forms
  • Freshmen only: Elementary school academic, attendance and disciplinary records for 6th, 7th & 8th grades
  • Freshmen only: Standardized testing
  • Completed Application
  • Release of Records form, including 3 recommendations by a Principal or Guidance Counselor, Math Teacher, English Teacher
  • Certified Transcript
  • Tuition Contract
  • $50 Application Fee
  • Student Interview (In person or through Skype)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)
  • Health forms
  • Application Part One and Part Two, including two essays
  • Release of Records with 3 recommendations from Principal/Guidance Counselor, Math Teacher, and English Teacher
  • Affidavit of Support (Bank Statement)
  • Tuition Contract
  • Application Fee ($100)
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Copy of Baptismal certificate if applicable
  • Copy of passport
  • Student Interview (In person or through Skype)
  • Signed acknowledgement for AHF Parent/Student Handbook
  • I-20 from the Academy, including a $1000 processing fee (applicable towards tuition and refundable only if the student is denied the visa from their home country, upon which the $1000 fee is refunded, less processing costs )
  • Health forms

For more information regarding the application process please contact:

Sister Kateri, SCMC Director of Admissions

Academy of the Holy Family 54 West Main St. Baltic, CT 06330

phone: 1-860-822-6279  email:

Skype: admissionsahfbaltic