Four Year Scope and Sequence for Life Skills Classes

Module Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors

(Religion Classes)

Know your parish, taking time to pray and reflect daily, develop a faith relationship,

learning religious traditions and their meaning, sharing in prayer and worship, leadership roles in liturgies

Life Planning Now Time Management Skills

Organizational Skills

Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies

Career Exploration

Goal Setting

College Application Process

Essay Writing

College Visits and Interviews

Entering the Work Force

Job searching, writing a résumé, job applications, interviewing, employee rights and responsibilities, getting along with coworkers

Life’s Math/ Managing Finances Kitchen Math

Measuring for cooking, painting, floor covering,

shades and drapes

Wise Shopping, Knowing

the ‘real’ price, sales, coupons, shopping lists, calculating savings

Calculating tips

Banking Basics—

Withdrawal and deposit slips, managing checking acct.,

bank vs. credit union,

credit vs. debit cards

Personal Budgeting

Student/other loans

Saving plans—CDs, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual funds

Paying taxes, health care

Managing incomes

Insurances—car, home, etc.

HEALTH Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds Healthy Souls Putting it altogether
Personal Care Personal Hygiene, grooming (hair, nails, make-up)

Self-improvement (attitudes)

Clothes care-washing, drying, ironing, mending

Dressing with Dignity

Fashion vs. Style

How to make your wardrobe work for you on a limited budget

Where to find clothes that are modest and at a modest price

Dressing with Dignity II

Fashion vs. Style

How to make your wardrobe work for you on a limited budget

Where to find clothes that are modest and at a modest price

What to wear for what occasion

Hair styles that are becoming to your face

Shopping for grooming products—Chemistry counts

Interpersonal Relationships Dealing With People

Managing Emotions

How to apologize Take responsibility


Abuse Prevention, Substance abuse and other addictions, Bullying, Coping with teasing, criticism rejection,  dealing with


Understanding Persons

with different abilities:  autism, developmental delays, intellectual and social defects

The Law, Our judicial System

What happens if you break the law?


Conducting a Meeting

Manners/Etiquette Table, Voice,

Basic Respect



Thank you Notes, RSVP,

Texting, cell phone etiquette

Writing your own “good manners” book Overcoming Bad Habits

Pet Peeves and how to cope

Module Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Community resources Know your Public Library Youth Service Bureau

Hot line #’s

Parks and Recreation Services Adult ed. Programs, Social Service agencies, Faith based community services
Service Senior Center Living Center/Hospital Volunteer Community Volunteer Soup Kitchen
Self-defense Basic moves, security awareness, know your surroundings, know your neighborhood, Mace a must
Transition from a House to a Home Basic cleaning

Making a bed

Washing dishes

Creating a sanitized atmosphere

Choosing cleaning products/equipment

Know the chemistry behind the labels


Purchasing or making, hanging drapes/curtains,

shades, blinds

“Handy Woman”

Basic hand tool

identification and use

Simple Repairs


Home Safety/ Emergency Management http://www. Family homeowner/home emergency-preparedness-guide/view

Weather emergencies, power line safety, wild animal invasion, burst pipes, CO leaks, sewage backup, toilet repairs, leaking roof, gutter cleaning/ repairs, safe ladder use

Written & Oral Communication


Information Literacy

The Art of Conversation


Writing notes, letters

What to say, what to write; what not to say, what not to write


debating, mediating

Conflict resolutions

Internet safety

The “No Gossip Pledge”


Critical Reading of the Media

Newspaper articles

Magazine articles

News Broadcastings

Recognizing Propaganda


Putting it Altogether:

How to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information.

Trip Planning-Long and short “Are we there yet?”

Passenger Past time


Programming a GPS

What and How to pack

Food considerations

Time consideration

Making reservations with buses, trains, airline and hotels Traveling Abroad

What to look for, what to look out for

Home Maintenance “Handy Woman”

Basic hand tool

identification and use

Simple Repairs

Kitchen fire, types of extinguishers, power outage, water loss, dripping faucet Heating and Cooling Systems

Know how they operate, how to maintain maximum service

Develop a Home Maintenance Check List according to seasons of the year
Food and Nutrition,

Child care

Personal and Child Nutrition,

Basic cooking skills, Nutrition labels


Basic Child Care


First aid Security

Feeding your family

Balanced family meals

Hosting a party

Eating out

Child Development

Caring for a baby’s needs

Module Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Automotive   Exterior and interior cleaning

Snow removal laws

Safety issues Checks

Drivers Education

Permits, License

Rules of the Road

Preventive Driving

Vehicle maintenance

Parts of the vehicle

What’s under the hood?

Light, mirrors, fluid level

Emergency/safety kits

Accidents—What to do


Handcraft Skills


Sewing machine basics

Review crocheting/Knitting

Sewing a ripped hem

Cutting a pattern

Sewing a pillow

Review Sewing Machine parts and use

Zigzag Sewing

Making a reversible tote bag

Arts and Crafts


Greeting cards

Jewelry Design

Embroidery Latch Rug Putting it all together:

Knitting, sewing, crocheting or other projects

Leisure Board games Card games The Art of Building Puzzles Activities for children
Home Decorating Setting a table:

Weekly meals

Dining room



Buffet Settings

Napkin folding


Decorating/arranging a room on a budget—furniture placement/patterns

Refinishing furniture

(Stripping, painting, antiquing, varnishing, etc.)

Recycle/reuse ideas



16 Basic Life Skills Integrity, Initiative, Flexibility, Perseverance, Organization, Sense Of Humor, Effort, Common Sense, Problem Solving, Responsibility, Patience, Friendship, Curiosity, Cooperation, Caring, Courage.