We Are The Marist Royals


What is a Marist Royal? That’s simple! A Marist Royal is an Academy student who is a follower of Mary, the Mother of God. We proudly wear the Blue and Gold in her honor, on and off the field…on and off the court!

Laugh. Sing. Believe. Learn. Welcome to the family!

A family of consecrated religious teaches here in the heart of the New England states. Enjoy the four seasons, with road trips to Boston, New York, the Mystic Aquarium, Washington DC, and more. Savor home-cooked breakfasts and create and share memories of holiday decorating in the dorms, your home-away-from-home, with Sisters and students alike.

Sing like the angels; laugh along with the Sisters and lay faculty and staff as they train you in practical, sensible life skills. Bundle up in front of seasonal bonfires, with students playing guitars and roasting s’mores!

Wind your way through our breathtaking campus exploring floral and fauna, gaze upon our beautiful life-sized replica of the shrine of Mary in Lourdes, France.

We feature the cultivation of Marian femininity.

Here at AHF we feature the cultivation of clearly Marian femininity.

This kind of feminine spiritual formation sets the highest standard for young women. That’s what we do here. Authentic spirituality. Emotional intelligence. Practicing forgiveness. Deepening the art of creating lifelong friendships by nurturing within each other the Christian virtues. Mary the Mother of God is our model, and thus our students are called Marists!

Here’s what we DON’T offer: hype; the distraction of boys; cliques; the manipulating blight of peer pressure. Competition that crushes creativity.

What we DO offer is a joy that’s life-giving, the peace that runs deep, and the rare and refreshing dignity and grace that last throughout a lifetime and beyond.

Laugh, sing, Believe. Learn.

Stop by for a visit!