The Academy of the Holy Family is a community of faith. Prayer opens each class, and the life of prayer lived by the Sisters of Charity is a powerful example to the students. Students take religion classes all four years at the Academy, including Basic Catholicism, Sacred Scripture, Church History and Morality.

Recognizing that there is truth to be found in all the major and established faith traditions, the curriculum does not seek to convert anyone to Catholicism, but rather presents the faith traditions of the Roman Catholic faith and encourages all students to develop their faith life in whatever tradition they have been raised, through prayer, service and mutual respect. The chapel is available for private prayer throughout the day and evening when the students are not in academic classes.

Being part of AHF has inspired me to seek God in my day-to-day life. I have also seen God work through the people I am surrounded with. Although I am not Catholic, the school has helped me get closer to Christ and grow in my faith. I would like to thank my school for always respecting my faith and being open to answering my non-stop questions.