St. Michael Center

Located at the summit of the school grounds, St Michael Center is a multipurpose building where sports, theatrical productions, concerts, art shows, educational assemblies and large school gatherings are held.

Physical education classes use the gym for daily classes. Sports teams, especially basketball, gather here to cheer on our teams and develop our skills. The stage at St. Michael Center continues to be the sight for theatrical productions including musicals and plays featuring the talents of AHF students. The AHF Concert Choir performs both at Christmas and in the Spring. The various Art classes present examples of their creations during the annual Spring Concert/Art Show.

In ceremonies steeped in tradition, St. Michael’s is the setting for the senior class’s graduation and commencement into their post-academy lives. It is the last place in the school that they are officially students of the Academy of the Holy Family, but it is also the place where they begin their lives as adults and successful young women.



Concerts/Art Show