Where friends become family, since 1874

At AHF, girls may arrive quietly, but they graduate with a presence.  We help each young woman find her unique strengths in a culture where adulthood does not come too soon – or without preparation. Our teachers, coaches and advisors work in harmony with families, to help each student thrive in school and in the local community. Her presence will be felt on campus, and beyond. Some voices will be bold, others will be soft, but AHF girls emerge with a self-esteem and self-reliance that rings loud and clear.

She draws her strength from within, not just what’s in

At AHF girls discover the tenacious, resilient, beautiful women they will become. It’s a truth that cannot be found from outside influence: it resides only within. Through our faith, we teach the importance of mindfulness, compassion, high standards and ethics. We treat each student with love and empathy. And we appreciate each girl for her unique gifts and the power she has to change her world. We help her find her own compass–one that will serve her on her journey, not only through college, but through life.

At AHF, girls may arrive quietly, but they graduate with a presence.

The Academy of the Holy Family is a Catholic day and boarding high school for American and international young women. Our mission is to provide an environment in which learning is not just about the retention of information, but the application of knowledge, helping to develop both the spiritual and mental faculties of the student. Our highly tailored, student-centered curriculum is made possible because of our small class sizes. We send forth educated young women with ambition to strive for their fullest God-given potential to impact their world.