Where Friends become Family!

In no other aspect of the Academy’s day-to-day routine is this more evident than in what goes on in the dormitories of AHF.   Girls who come to the Academy with no sisters among their siblings soon find they have inherited a dozen plus sisters; girls who come from adoptive families readily experience a second family that has embraced them.  And those for whom family has always been cherished soon find that the Academy shares that love as young women from many cultures, speaking different languages quickly begin to care for and about each other.

Living at AHF

The atmosphere will impress her right away—friendliness, sharing and filial warmth.  She will witness girls helping one another with studies, doing small chores to keep the dorm neat, sharing clothes and make-up, sharing their very lives.

She will readily see that the Sisters take to heart the best interest of the students’ intellectual, social and spiritual growth, and while guarding the safety of the girls, they allow them the freedom to grow and mature into independent young women, ready for college life, ready for life.

For a more detailed description of dorm life at AHF, we refer you to the Resident’s Student Handbook.

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WATCH: Discover Dorm Life at AHF

I’m better spiritually and educationally. I don’t think I would be the same person now if I was in a different school. I live my fullest potential here with my independence at school. With the structure at school, it can be challenging at first but I know I’ll still use this schedule in college.”

Tiffany Vu
12th grade resident student from Texas, attended 4 years