All Academy students are invited to participate in activities sponsored by the Top-Life Club and Legion of Mary. The Diocese of Norwich, Office of Faith Events also hosts a number of events for all high school students. These include, among others, the annual Youth Explosion rally, held at the start of the school year.

Students minister as volunteers in religious education programs at local parishes with the Sisters by assisting the teachers in preparing young people in their faith. It is also an opportunity for these young women to strengthen and share their faith in committing themselves to these programs.

At the Academy, I am surrounded by people who do everything through Christ. Not only has living with the Sisters and seeing their relationship with God strengthened my faith, but I have also been motivated by my peers in so many ways, from seeing them wake up in the morning and go to Mass to listening to the “Bible in a Year with Father Mike Schmitz”! The girls take their faith very seriously and it is truly inspiring. I have never felt stronger in my faith before coming to AHF.

Emma Bradley
Class of 2024