A Marist becomes comfortable enough to take risks. Here at the Academy she finds a culture where she discovers her passion through participation. Encouraged by her peers and teachers, she’ll learn invaluable life skills, at the right time, and in the right context. And, she’ll face her teenage years with an appreciation of the whole journey, bumpy roads and all. She comes to see that even if all her dreams don’t come true, she grows strong in the broken places. And she will begin to dream new dreams.

Student Ambassadors are essential at the Academy of the Holy Family as they promote the Academy on campus, as well as off campus. Through their witness in the hallways and in the classrooms, they strive to live out the moral character of an Academy student. They are mentors to new students and seek to guide them as they transition to the Academy. Ambassadors also go off campus to promote the Academy by attending high school education fairs, visiting parishes and schools to talk about the Academy, as well as leading and conducting Open Houses. Their strong leadership and creative ideas assist in spreading the message and mission of the Academy to all whom they meet.


A.V. is about empowering the schools community of photographers and videographers, allowing them to practice their art together. We host the yearly photography contest to showcase the talents of the student body and as a club, we work together to help capture important moments by live-streaming events like graduation and National Honor Society induction.


Debate Club

In this student run club, students learn proper debate format and tackle many of the issues facing society today. Problem solving skills, teamwork, research, and public speaking are all part of this exciting club. It’s debating, not arguing.