A Marist becomes comfortable enough to take risks. Here at the Academy she finds a culture where she discovers her passion through participation. Encouraged by her peers and teachers, she’ll learn invaluable life skills, at the right time, and in the right context. And, she’ll face her teenage years with an appreciation of the whole journey, bumpy roads and all. She comes to see that even if all her dreams don’t come true, she grows strong in the broken places. And she will begin to dream new dreams.

Ambassador Club

Student Ambassadors are essential at the Academy of the Holy Family as they promote the Academy on campus, as well as off campus. Through their witness in the hallways and in the classrooms, they strive to live out the moral character of an Academy student. They are mentors to new students and seek to guide them as they transition to the Academy. Ambassadors also go off campus to promote the Academy by attending high school education fairs, visiting parishes and schools to talk about the Academy, as well as leading and conducting Open Houses. Their strong leadership and creative ideas assist in spreading the message and mission of the Academy to all whom they meet.

Campus Ministry

AHF Campus Ministry seeks to enrich the spiritual lives of our students by providing a variety of opportunities for students to grow in their knowledge of God’s love and mercy, to become aware of and understand the movement of the Holy Spirit within and around them, and to learn ways to respond to the call to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Read more about the Campus Ministry offerings below.

Spiritual Direction encourages students, individually, to look at their personal faith journey. New Year’s Group invites students to build relationships with their peers in an informal, recreational setting. Peer Ministry Club inspires students to deepen their relationships with one another and with God while at the same time exploring, identifying, and sharpening their Christian Leadership Skills. As our Peer Ministers plan and lead Day Retreats and Prayer Services, they truly experience how the Holy Spirit inspires us and gives us the graces we need to carry out His work.


Environmental Club

The environment is an incredibly important issue for the young women of the Academy. This club reverences the only earth they have, and they begin by working hard at making the Academy of the Holy Family as green as possible. This club is for those who are passionate about the environment and want to make a difference through awareness, activities and befriending their turf.

Human Rights Club

The Academy of the Holy Family Human Rights Club, established during the 2013-14 academic year, serves the purpose of investigating trends around the globe that impact the rights and dignity of all men and women. Members of the Human Rights Club commit themselves to learn more about the challenge of providing quality education to girls throughout the world, as well as the reality of hunger in children. In addition to doing their research, the Human Rights Club is committed to raising awareness on these issues within AHF and the greater community and to be proactive in addressing the tragedy of social evils.

Legion Of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a popular club at the school. In their weekly meetings, members exercise their religious values through prayer, discussion of religious readings, and moral issues facing society today. They provide service to the school and the local community. Students in this club want to make a difference – and they DO.

Multicultural Club

The Academy of the Holy Family Multicultural Club’s mission honors and promotes awareness of the cultural diversity of our school in an effort to unite people together toward friendship and greater understanding of each other’s cultures. Our goals are to learn about our various world cultures and to share what we learn with others.

Our activities include, but are not limited to cooking international foods, listening /dancing to cultural music, learn world language basics, watching cultural videos, creating cultural arts/crafts, learning cultural games, and more.

National Honors Society

The purpose of St. Thomas Aquinas Chapter of the National Honor Society of the Academy of the Holy Family is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students. This chapter operates under the direction of and in full compliance with the National Constitution of NHS.

Fitness Innovative Team (Fit Club)

The FIT Club is a great way for students to stay fit and active and enjoy one another’s company as they do this! This Club is student-led and allows for various activities, such as running in 5Ks, hiking, playing active games with one another in the gym, working out together in the Exercise Room, and leading a FIT Field Day so the entire school can participate in fun activities together.

Speech & Debate Club

In this student run club, students learn proper debate format and tackle many of the issues facing society today. Problem solving skills, teamwork, research, and public speaking are all part of this exciting club. It’s debating, not arguing.

Our main goal as a club is to motivate people and make changes in their lives with the spoken word. We believe words initiate change and effort makes that change happen. This club mainly focuses on having females stand up and speak about what they believe in. Students are motivated to be inspirational speakers, to show their talent in speaking, to express their views on different issues, and to learn how to improve as public speakers. Everyone in the club gets the chance to share her creative work.


Student Council

The dedicated members of the AHF Student Council, instill a sense of pride and build school spirit through events designed to promote Marist Spirit. This student government body fosters communication among the students, staff and administration by serving as a visible and approachable connection between each group. They celebrate the achievements of our diverse student body and spread enthusiasm throughout our school community.

Each year the Student Council plans a variety of events, including dances, Spirit Week, Catholic Schools Week, School Birthday, Christmas Spirit Week and so much more!

Top Life Club

Saving lives is something that seems out of reach for many high school students, but in the Academy’s TOP-Life Club, students have the opportunity to do just this. They advocate against abortion and for a culture of life that believes in the holiness of life “from womb to tomb”. Students do this through prayer, spreading of the Gospel, attending conferences, and participating in activities that raise awareness of the inherent dignity of every person. The club organizes a Pro-Life Day and a Pro-Life Cafe for the school, and attends the yearly March for Life in Washington D.C.



The stage at St. Michael Center is the site for theatrical productions featuring the talents of all AHF young women who wish to express their dramatic/creative side through acting, choreography, set design, make-up, lighting, costuming and publicity.

Some of the most recent plays include Twelve Angry Women, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and a student created theatrical competition they called SING!. There is never a shortage of opportunities for creativity in this amazing club.



Caritas is the annual yearbook published by the students of the Academy. They use current technology to produce a full-color book of memories that includes the most exciting aspects of their history at the Academy. This process provides students with opportunities to learn photography, editing and production.