Classroom Supply List

General Supplies for all courses include:

  • Blue, black red ink pens, pencils, eraser, ruler, a set of highlighters,
  • a set of colored pencils for projects,
  • Loose-leaf (folio lined) paper, book covers for all hard covered books,
  • One subject notebook for each subject, one or two pocket folders for each subject
  • assignment agenda book (supplied by the school)
  • Bring a laptop if you wish, but computers are provided in the computer room, library and dorm.

Additions for each subject are as follows:

  • Art—a 100 page sketch book
  • Writers Inc—two additional notebooks, for journaling and vocabulary, 2 pocket folders
  • English—index cards; strongly suggested are a personal dictionary and thesaurus
  • Math—graph paper, PENCILS, two-subject notebook,
    • Calculator: TI 84 plus CE color edition
    • Geometry—all of the above plus a protractor and compass
  • Physical Education—sneakers, AHF gym uniform (ordered from Donnelly’s)
  • Science—Same calculator needed for Math

Boarding Student Clothing/Supplies List


  • 1 blazer, 2 gray uniform skirts, 5 white oxford blouses or navy blue/light blue polos (need at least 1 or 2 white oxford blouses for Mass attendance), 1 sweater vest, 1 sweater, 5 pairs of white or navy blue knee socks, gym uniform: an AHF t-shirt, navy blue pants/shorts, and gym shoes (purchase new at or you can purchase gently used uniforms at a reduced rate from the Environmental Club)
  • Underclothing for 8 days
  • Casual after school clothes, including socks for 8 days
  • 2 nice outfits for special occasions (knee-length dress or skirt with a blouse/sweater)
  • Nightgown or pajamas, bathrobe, slippers, flip-flops (not to be worn outside of dorms)
  • 2 pairs of sheer nylons for formal occasions
  • 1 pair of black soft-soled black tie, buckle or loafer school shoes
  • 1 pair each of dress shoes, sneakers, and casual shoes
  • Spring and winter coats/jackets
  • Winter boots, gloves/mittens, hat and scarf
  • 1 sweater and/or sweatshirts

Personal Items:

  • 2 sets of towels and 2 sets of twin size bed sheets
  • Pillow (one is provided – bring additional one if you wish)
  • Blanket (one is provided – bring additional one if you wish)
  • Shower caddy and laundry bag
  • Detergent
  • 3mm strips (if you wish)
  • Soap, shampoo, other personal supplies
  • Food/snacks – should be marked (All meals are provided for.)
  • Quarters for laundry/Personal money when needed.
  • No posters/pictures are allowed to be taped to the walls.

***Please remember that storage is limited. You are expected to keep your bedroom neat. This is easier when belongings are kept to a minimum.