Life Skills

Academy of the Holy Family teaches young women life skills that prepare them for family, work life, and careers by empowering individuals to manage the challenge of living and working in a diverse global society. Hands-on projects and daily work are the major emphasis for grading. Topics include, among many others, time management in school and in life, home décor, etiquette, job applications and interviews, auto care, financial skills (loans, credit cards, balancing checking accounts), health and safety, and the secrets of a beautiful marriage.

In Life Skills I, students read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. This self-help book helps students develop good habits that will enable them to be effective family members, friends, students, employees, and members of society. Students learn to take control of their own lives by practicing different ways to implement the simple and manageable (yet powerful) habits in the book to become the best version of themselves.

In Life Skills II, students read How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul by Jason and Crystalina Evert. This book helps young women to develop mindsets and strategies that will help them to live out their faith while navigating singleness and dating. The book offers students a healthier and holier perspective on relationships than we find in the culture today, giving them the tools to approach this aspect of life with maturity and dignity.