Students at the Academy of the Holy Family are part of a tradition that stretches back over 140 years and has produced hundreds of strong women in society. Each young woman is encouraged to develop her faith, to be part of the AHF community and to serve others as she strives for the excellence in academics, arts and athletics.

The Academy of the Holy Family offers a wide variety of opportunities for each young woman to grow in knowledge, experience and maturity. Clubs and organizations, sports teams, music ensembles, service opportunities, social events, liturgies and school activities allow each student to reach her potential in body, mind and spirit.

Here, each girl tries new things, takes risks, discovers inspiration in her triumphs and is strengthened by her learning experiences. She will mature in an environment of high standards, ethics and empathy. She will emerge an independent and resilient young woman, tenacious in her commitment to herself, her family and her community.

At AHF, we get to know each student and help unlock her potential, to better her life and her world. Take advantage of all AHF offers during your years as a Marist.

Cecilia Vu

Living at the Academy has been such a fun experience filled with laughter. I get to see and live with my friends everyday! It’s like a little family: we argue, have fun, and do family things together!

Cecilia Vu
11th grade resident student from Texas, attended 3 years