Sisters of Charity

Our mission is to prepare young women to be lights of truth in the world.

We have been engaged in teaching since the very beginnings of our foundation. Monsignor Zwijsen, founder of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, considered the education of women to be of great worth.  He taught us that educating young ladies was of the greatest importance, as women possess great influence over the education and formation of youth.  The state depends upon the woman’s role in passing on of good education to their children.  When the Sisters came to the US from Holland in 1874, the first commitment was the establishment of a grade school and a girls’ high school for day and resident students in the small mill town of Sprague, Connecticut where the Motherhouse is located.

The philosophy of education that we embrace is one that involves the recognition of youth as the future of the Church and of our nation, students who need to be formed spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically in order to be effective witnesses of Christ to others. We regard the education of the whole person, spirit, mind and body, as a most worthy and necessary endeavor. We spend ourselves in the service of God with the aim of preparing these students to be effective members of this world and the world to come.

Today, some one hundred fifty years since first coming to America, the elementary school and the high school still exist and continue to be staffed by us. In addition there are five other Catholic schools in Connecticut where we minister to the young in the elementary and high school grades. Qualified to do the work of God in this apostolate, we joyfully dedicate ourselves to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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