Mission Statement
Vision Statement


The Academy of the Holy Family is a Catholic day and boarding college preparatory school for national and international young women. Our mission is to provide for our students excellence in academics and the application of knowledge and life skills in a spiritual environment. We do this to instill the sense of service to others with their God-given potential.


The vision of the Academy of the Holy Family is to strive for superior academic and college preparation, anchored in faith and moral development for national and international young women. By building on the charism of the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, AHF provides differentiated instruction for students while continuing to instill the Academy’s long-term traditions of service, independence, and leadership.


Pursue knowledge; embrace the truths of Christ; respond to the needs of others.

A dynamic, engaging education. A nurturing, inclusive community.


Here, she finds a culture where she discovers her passion through participation. Encouraged by her peers and teachers, she’ll learn invaluable life skills, at the right time, and in the right context.

Independent & Tenacious

We help students build a solid foundation in a culture where adulthood does not come too soon – or without preparation.

We are Family

The beauty is in our commitment to knowing fully each girl so that we help her unlock her greatest potential and impact her world.

Pursue knowledge; embrace the truths of Christ; respond to the needs of others.



Years Shaping Young Women
of the class of 2023 is Attending College
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  • ARTS
  • Arts

    Creating well-rounded students

    The Academy of the Holy Family enables young women to not only reach their full potential academically, but provides them with the opportunity to develop other talents and interests. Our Fine Arts and Performing Arts programs allow students to grow in their artistic ability.
  • Athletics

    Lift each other up like FAMILY and play competitively like a TEAM

    Our Athletic program at the Academy leaves students with not only lifelong memories of playing side by side with friends, but with lasting principles on the importance of teamwork, hard work, and self-discipline. Students can find a sport for every season with soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring.
  • faith

    A community of faith

    The Academy of the Holy Family is a community of faith. The life of prayer lived by the Sisters of Charity is a powerful example to the students. Students take religion classes all four years at the Academy, including Basic Catholicism, Sacred Scripture, Church History and Morality. Recognizing that there is truth to be found in all the major religions and established faith traditions, we encourage all students to develop their faith life in their beliefs, through prayer, service and mutual respect.
  • Life Skills

    Learn invaluable life skills

    Academy of the Holy Family teaches young women life skills that prepare them for family, work life, and careers by empowering individuals to manage the challenge of living and working in a diverse global society. Hands-on projects and daily work are the major emphasis for grading. Topics include, among many others, time management in school and in life, home décor, etiquette, job applications and interviews, auto care, financial skills (loans, credit cards, balancing checking accounts), health and safety, and the secrets of a beautiful marriage.

    Where Friends Become Family!

    Young women at AHF experience a second family filled with friendliness, sharing and filial warmth. She will witness girls helping one another with studies, doing small chores to keep the dorm neat, sharing clothes and make-up, sharing their very lives.

    Our young women will readily see that the Sisters take to heart the best interest of the students’ intellectual, social and spiritual growth, and while guarding the safety of the girls, they allow them the freedom to grow and mature into independent young women, ready for college life, ready for life.


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