Mission Statement

The Academy of the Holy Family is a Catholic day and boarding high school for American and international young women. Our mission is to provide an environment in which learning is not just about the retention of information, but the application of knowledge, helping to develop both the spiritual and mental faculties of the student. Our highly tailored, student-centered curriculum is made possible because of our small class sizes. We send forth educated young women with ambition to strive for their fullest God-given potential to impact their world.

A dynamic, engaging education. A nurturing, inclusive community.

Participate Here, she finds a culture where she discovers her passion through participation. Encouraged by her peers and teachers, she’ll learn invaluable life skills, at the right time, and in the right context.
Independent & Tenacious
Independent & Tenacious We help students build a solid foundation in a culture where adulthood does not come too soon – or without preparation.
We Are Family
We Are Family The beauty is in our commitment to knowing fully each girl so that we help her unlock her greatest potential and impact her world.