March 22, 2021
AHF Spotlight


I am Mr. Martin, the History department at the Academy and the proud holder of the “Best Dad” award.

The Academy is a special place, a school that encourages and inculcates young women to be the best they can be. With more than two decades of teaching, I have had the privilege and pleasure of teaching some very special students. Here, special is the norm.

One of the greatest joys of teaching here is the strong Catholic nature of our school. Saint Michael has been a patron of mine since my Army days, and being able to start each class with my students leading a prayer for his protection, guidance, and grace is a joy. This prayer life, combined with high standards and students eager to learn is a pleasure for a teacher.

The academic bar is high at the Academy. Many of our students are college bound and are not just interested in getting a grade, they are looking to develop the tools and skills to not only get accepted to a good college but to thrive when they get there.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be here as part of the Academy of the Holy Family and I look forward to teaching your daughter.