March 29, 2021
AHF Spotlight

In the Words of…Yasmim Souza, our junior from Brazil who has been learning virtual all year but hopes to arrive on campus next year!

“In the beginning of 2020, during quarantine, I made a choice that would change my life forever. I decided that I would study abroad, but I did not want to wait for college to do so. I wanted the experience of studying in a different high school system. When I finished my searches regarding several outstanding high schools, I sent them emails with some questions.

The return email from the Academy of the Holy Family (AHF) was so sweet and gentle that it gained my admiration. After more emails back and forth, there was the first Skype interview. At that point, I was waiting with bated breath for my acceptance letter. I am so happy to participate in the Academy, with my “being there yet not quite being there” this school year. Due to COVID, I was never able to go to Baltic in-person for my junior year.

Nonetheless, AHF exceeded many of my expectations, and it did all that merely with my online study, club and activity experiences. I am so grateful for having chosen the Academy of the Holy Family and for them choosing me. Heartfully I thank them for each and every, large and small, school effort with me. With great excitement, I look forward to continuing my academic journey. I cannot wait to meet everybody off the screens!”