July 6, 2020
School News

As the students have gone home for the summer, some areas of the Academy are being freshened up to prepare for the students returning in the Fall of 2020. As the online schooling came to a close in May, the lockers were cleaned out, washed, and repainted Aspen Blue. It is lightens up the hallway as we look forward to the Marist Royals seeing it!

Then, our resident housing on campus, Marist Hall, which is home to nine upperclassmen and two Resident Advisers, is getting some remodeling done on the back porch. Parts of it have been removed and it is getting a thorough cleaning. Our returning students will notice a difference!

Then, another large renovation taking place is in the bathroom in our cafeteria, Hanlon Hall. Recently, walls have been taken down and the floor has been removed. The students will notice a huge improvement in this area. It is the little things that make a big difference!

We are looking forward to the new school year. Though it may be different with many changes and precautions in place, we are grateful for the good work that is going in to these improvements to make our Academy look fresh and appealing for our school community.